Developing a Morning Routine

Wednesday, October 31, 2018, by Kashay Webb

Developing a consistent morning routine has been one of the most beneficial things I could have done to aid in productivity for my life. After waking up in the morning, this is a time when some of our most automatic actions come into play. Wake up, brush teeth, shower, get dressed, etc. It comes so naturally because we have done the routine thousands of times.

What if every morning you added things that became so ingrained in your routine, that you do them without putting in too much energy to think about doing it? After a while, this would be a powerful way to shift your life in a new direction.

There are things that I like to do daily, but if I left them to be done during the day, they would not be completed. Either I would get too tired, having to think about doing it might get me out of the mood, or if I am pressed for time I would come up with a thousand other things I could be doing instead. Some of these things are reading for pleasure, skill building, meditation, prayer, exercise, research, and writing.

All of these things are important to me, but carving out time for them is difficult once my day gets started and I am terribly busy. Curating a morning routine to incorporate all of these things has made me feel like I have a much better balance to my life and it sets my day off with positive vibes.

In creating your new routine, think about things that you may not love to do, but would like to incorporate in your day (for me that's exercise) or would appreciate starting off your day with (like reading and meditation).

Your new routine may require you to get up a little earlier, but I promise it's worth it. This is especially true for those of us who work early in the morning and have long days in which we may not get home until late in the evening. After going to work then class and coming home quite late then having to study and complete assignments, I would often feel like I did not have balance to my life. Although I enjoy my work and I love my classes, there are other parts of my life that are important to me too.

As always, I hope that I have helped in some way. Create a new routine and try it for a couple of weeks and see if it helps you feel like you have a more integrated life or if it starts your day off at a high vibration. It might change your life like it did mine :)