Book Recommendation: The Work

Monday, May 07, 2018, by Kashay Webb

I am probably slightly biased in supporting Wes Moore's work since he grew up in West Baltimore, like me :). Regardless, I have never read a book by him that has not profoundly changed the way I thought about things.

I love books that teach through narrative and The Work is organized in this way. Through reflection of his own life and the lives of others, Wes Moore delves into how and what it means to build a life that matters. I have read a ton of books focused on how to become successful and while Moore discusses success, it is in an atypical way. The focus on this book is the process of becoming successful at building lives we truly love and that deeply fulfill us.

Personally, this book was touching to me because in the next year I will be transitioning out of my undergraduate career. I have had the privilege of using my college years to really come to know myself and what work makes my heart beat a little faster. As I read this book, (which was very difficult to put down after I bought it) it was solidified in my mind to not lose that sense of self and passion when I am done with my studies and going into my career. I have seen many people lose themselves in work that is not life-affirming and does not nourish their soul. Life goes by so quickly and all of us have something that does make our heart beat a little faster. Learning to find that something is what this book is all about.

*In addition to this book that has easily become one of my favorites, I recommend checking out Wes Moore's talk, "The Difference Between Your Job and Your Work", at Oprah's SuperSoul Sessions. You will not be disappointed.