Accomplishing Lofty Goals

Monday, March 26, 2018, by Kashay Webb

I believe one of the greatest strengths of humans is our ability to dream. How cool is it that we can visualize what we desire in the future, in the present moment.

While dreaming is exciting, sometimes it can scare us and make us apprehensive about trying to get closer to the life we desire. Have you ever dreamed about something, made it a goal, but then became frustrated or disheartened about how you would ever accomplish it? Well, that's alright. I love this quote from Lisa Nichols (who is amazing btw), "If your goal doesn't make your knees knock and teeth chatter, then dream bigger." It reminds me that it is great to dream big and I encourage you to do just that. So, how do we begin?

First, we want to define what it is that we actually desire. It's difficult to travel somewhere if you don't know where you're going. Let's say you want to go to South America. That's great! But where in South America? Peru? Argentina? Brazil? I doubt you will get very far in the airport without first knowing where you want to go. This sounds silly, right? The crazy thing is, we do this all the time with our life! We are not specific about what we want and then we get frustrated when something manifests, but it isn't what we truly wanted. You can't really get mad if tell your hairstylist you want a haircut and she gives you an Amber Rose instead of the bob Beyoncé had in her "Flawless" video. Specificity is key, for your haircut and your goals.

So now we know exactly what it is that we want. We've set up the finish line. This is where the marathon begins. At this point, we have to figure out how to get from start to finish. And let me tell you, most often the "how" is not very clear. "Then what am I supposed to get to the finish line, Kashay!?" By systematically constructing the path, piece by piece.

Breaking goals down into smaller, more manageable parts decreases overwhelm and you are more likely to reach your goal opposed to jumping in head first, trying to do everything at once, and burning out. Every day, take the step (s) that you can take. Some days you will be more inspired than others and some days you will probably not want to do anything even remotely related to your goal.  That's alright, no matter how big or how small the step is, make sure you are ALWAYS moving toward your goal.

"Well I don't have the resources right now to do what I want to do, Kashay." You have resources. You always have resources, even if it is only your brain, willpower, and passion. Don't underestimate these three things. If you are able to create a vision for your life, I believe in you to be able to think of how to get what you need to be where you want to be. You will be amazed what you can come up with when you are specific about your goals, determined to keep moving toward it, and take the time to practice this brain exercise. It has been my experience that when I follow through with these tips, the universe has never failed to assist me with the things I don't have. So don't focus on what you don't have, focus on what you do have and how you can make it work.

Step by step, piece by piece, you will finish the marathon and your goal will become a reality. You'll look back and find it funny that you ever thought it could be any other way. Practice this advice and be consistent. I have no doubt that you will accomplish your goals and will need to start scrambling for more goals to reach :)