You Don't Have to Know How It Ends

Wednesday, August 09, 2017, by Kashay Webb

Fear has a way of crippling us into not following our dreams. I will admit that sometimes fear is good to keep us from doing this that can be harmful to our lives, but sometimes it just keeps us from pursuing things that help manifest our truest desires.

I used to be a huge control freak. I needed to maximize predictable outcomes and minimize things that would be out of my control. The minute things went awry, I would be angry and back to reigning in predictable outcomes. As I have become older, I limit trying to have predictable outcomes to things like grades, income, and fitness goals. However, I am flexible in things I have stepped out on faith to do (this blog for example).

You see, we often get caught up on wanting things to be definite and secure. This leads to anything outside of our ability to foresee outcomes being viewed as “strange” or “dangerous”. But why does the unknown have to always be treacherous?

I am all for being grounded, using common sense, and being practical. I am also in support of following dreams or visions and seeing where it takes you. As I am writing this next to my library, I am looking at The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, so we will use her as an example. I do not know Margaret Atwood personally, but I doubt that on her journey to becoming a phenomenal author and activist she knew exactly how impactful her creations would be. I do not think that anyone who has followed a vision or many visions knew how things would end; they followed their vision because they believed in it and had a desire to see what would come from it.

“Kashay, what are you getting at?” I am trying to say that you don’t always have to know how it ends. The unknown is scary, but it is only through navigating it that we gain understanding. Don’t let your fear of the unknown keep you from exploring dreams you have. Be cautious, always. Do not be cautious to the point though that your dreams slip away from you because you were in the position to follow them and you chose not to out of fear of the unknown. Oh, how boring life would be if we could predict every outcome. Can you imagine that?