You Are What You Ingest

Tuesday, August 15, 2017, by Kashay Webb

No one is perfect. We all fall short of things at times, it is natural and everyone goes through it. But some things we fall short of are in our control. You know the saying, “You are what you eat”? Well what about, “You are what you ingest”?

“I have never heard that phrase in my life, Kashay.”

I know, I made it up. The two phrases are not very far off from each other though.

You are not always what you eat, but to a great extent you are. If you eat heaps of unhealthy food every day, it is very probable that you are unhealthy.

Well what about if you ingest tons of daily negativity? What if you constantly watch tv shows that do not spread positive messages, you surround yourself with friends that do not serve your development, and you listen to music that you could and probably should do without? Think about how much your mind is being polluted.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I am tired, need a boost, and coffee is not doing the trick. What always does the trick though is listening to a couple of Future songs blasting at full volume. However, I predominantly listen to podcasts and audiobooks on subjects I am passionate about.

My favorite quote from Joyce Meyer is, “When we fill our thoughts with right things, the wrong ones have no room to enter.” We have to be cautious as well as cognizant about what we are absorbing every day if we do not want to become what we are ingesting.

Let’s say you have the goal to become a predominantly peaceful person. Would you then continue to ingest things or surround yourself with vibrations that do not align with peace? No, you wouldn’t. A peaceful person is as a peaceful person does. You cannot become a peaceful person from consistently absorbing things that are of hostile energies.

This goes for anything that you would like to be: calm, disciplined, optimistic, etc. These mindsets do not come from habitual acts that are in essence the opposite of them.

I assure you that tinkering a bit with the things you absorb everyday if you find that they do not fit with what you would like to be, will put you in direct alignment with that which you desire. I have applied this to my life and have found that it helps quite a bit to reflect on what you do every day and if it is serving you. As always, I hope my life experiment helps you in some way 😊