Adulting 101: Speaking Up

Tuesday, August 01, 2017, by Kashay Webb

As I am approaching my 20th birthday in a couple of weeks, I have been reflecting on how “adulting” is going for me. I decided to begin a series called “Adulting 101”. This series will be a sort of record for essential lessons or skills I learn throughout my young adult years.

 It is becoming apparent how beneficial speaking up is to adulthood. Speaking up can come in many different forms, no matter how trivial it may seem. Speaking up can be voicing  your beliefs pertaining to a particular cause, asking for something you desire, or even reminding  a Chick-fil-A employee that they forgot to give you a straw for your cookies and cream milkshake. If you do not speak up for your beliefs, you may miss an opportunity to either share knowledge with the world (view my post on sharing knowledge here) or to become enlightened. If you do not speak up and ask for something—perhaps you need an extension on a paper—the answer will always be no. Not speaking up can also ruin a perfectly good milkshake that you just knew you would be able to enjoy on the road; wasting money is not my forte.
When I reflect on situations in which I did not speak up, I usually feel a sense of regret. There are rare situations when speaking up is probably not the best idea, but I have come to observe that most often it is the best option and can be very beneficial. It can be scary, especially if what you want to say will not be well accepted. However, growth never comes from comfortability. Being brave enough to speak up has strengthened my sense of self and integrity. Speaking up has also opened doors for new opportunities I would not have if I decided to stay silent. A large part of adulting is being an advocate for yourself and speaking up is one of the key steps to doing so. #MajorKeyAlert