Sharing Knowledge

Saturday, July 01, 2017, by Kashay Webb

Humanity is only as strong as its weakest link. We often live lives that do not reflect the deep connection we have to others. I frequently observe how instead of educating their fellow human, most people choose to make fun of that person for their ignorance in an area of focus. The situation results in inflation of the ego for one person and feelings of shame or anger for the other party. The repetition of this scenario does not enhance the world that we live in, yet it is a predominant choice among people of this earth. You can shame others for ignorance and go to the grave with knowledge you have or you have the choice to share your knowledge and take one step in the right direction of helping humanity.

When I refer to knowledge, I am grouping together facts, supported theories, experiences, and opinions; these things are of which one “knows”. Facts are the easiest to share. For example, telling someone that they have five fingers is knowledge that is simple to explain and not much discussion is required. However, the other categories of knowledge will most likely require some form of discussion (even if views are the same because a view can be the same, but come from a different place of reasoning). It is in these discussions and seeing life through the eyes of another that we can begin to grow as the human race. We cannot however, get to this point if knowledge is used as a weapon instead of fertilizer for minds of the world to develop. You do not even have to know it all, sometimes sharing the smallest ideas leads the way for the most grandiose of ideas. Share what you know, big or small. Help your fellow human.