Book Recommendation: Suzie Orman The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke

Friday, July 14, 2017, by Kashay Webb

Although this book is slightly over a decade old, I will venture to say it is a great book for a young adult to have in their library. This book is an easy read and I thought it was quite entertaining. A lot of financial books can be difficult to digest and put you to sleep. When I first read this book I was able to read it straight through with no problems. However, it is divided into sections for particular financial problems, which is a bonus. Suze has really great tips for everything from building credit, careers, and even buying a home (I am in no way at the point where I would like to buy a home, but it was still helpful to familiarize myself with the content.) Overall, the book felt like Suze understands the financial plight of young adults who are working, unemployed, or currently enrolled in school. The book did not have a lot of fluff, it was straight to the point and very practical. There were tips that could be applied immediately to help better one’s financial situation. Of course, with every book discernment is key, but most of what Suze wrote in this book is sound advice. I have read this book three times since I bought it last year and I will continue to apply Suze’s advice to my life.