Being Happy

Saturday, July 09, 2016, by Kashay Webb

Unhappiness arises from the wandering of our thoughts: anxious thoughts about the future, recalling past events, comparison of our lives to others, focusing on areas of lack, etc. These thoughts do not make us feel so good and it's because they deal only with the human aspect of ourselves. Often enough we forget the being component of our human experience. Happiness is frequently thought of as something that can be acquired or worked up to, when really it is a state of being. Think about one of the happiest moment in your life. Even though it may seem like it, that moment wasn't because of a material thing you got or an event that occurred. The feeling of happiness came from you being fully present in the now, the essence of your being.

"Where are you going with this, Kashay?" You don't need anything to make you happy. You choose to be happy in the moment, again and again and again. I'm not saying every single moment of your life will be happy, intending to be conscious of your being does not negate the fact that you are still human. But if you can consciously choose to be in the now, I bet you will start to realize that happiness was never something to be gained, because you have had access to it all along. Find beauty in the mundane. While eating, enjoy every bite and flavor of your food. If you're taking a class you don't particularly like, try to learn at least one thing from it every time you go. Even when you're cleaning up, notice the beauty in all of the objects you own that you've never noticed before. Sure, we would probably all like to be a millionaire, on an island, stylin', but again, nothing can make you happy. You are happiness. So the next time you think you need a million dollars, a house, or a man as fine as Michael Bae Jordan, (I mean, just look at his face. God really took his time on him) just remember that you are a human being. Getting the most out of this life has a lot to do with the present. You can't change the past. You cannot predict the future. You can access happiness in this moment though.