The Importance of Spending Time Alone

Friday, May 13, 2016, by Kashay Webb

When is the last time you intentionally spent time alone? Our times of being alone are usually thought of as moments of boredom or time wasted because we have been conditioned to think that way. Of course we all spend time alone but there is a difference between random time alone and intentional, mindful time alone. Intending to spend time with yourself is a reminder that this life is about you. The people you love could die at any moment and you still have to live this life (morbid but true.) Spending time with yourself allows you to get to know who you are and what you want out of this life without distractions. It also allows you to find things that make you happy without a doubt so in times of stress or uncertainty you know exactly what to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending time by yourself and I actually encourage it. It doesn’t even matter what you do during your time alone. It could be snuggling up with a good book, trying a new food, or listening to Lemonade on repeat (my current situation). You will thank yourself later. All of the times you spend alone will strengthen your sense of self and in your most difficult moments or when making tough decisions things will be a lot easier because you’ll know who you are and what you want very well. You cannot expect to build a relationship with yourself if you are not willing to spend time alone. Get to know yourself, you may find that you really like that person.