Chewbacca and You

Sunday, January 10, 2016, by Kashay Webb

Around sixth grade was the transition from my mother picking out most of my clothes to me choosing the type of clothes that would fill up my closet. From then on my sense of style has been all over the place. From matching neon accessories- netted gloves included- to mohawking my hair the day before ring dance, I've never been afraid to try things most people wouldn't.

Too often people question why I change my appearance so much or even why I choose to wear certain things out of the house. Some people even laugh at the things I choose to wear. Those responses are exactly why I decided to write this post.

I imagined what I would be like if I actually took what those people said to heart. I would probably be like Gretchen in Mean Girls when Regina told her she could not wear her white gold hoops any longer. (Btw if you have not watched that movie what are you waiting for!) I would not be any where near being my real self if I let people dictate what I choose to do.

You see, people tell you don't do things for two reasons 1)fear or 2)fear. "Kashay you made a typo." No, I did not. My mother tells me not to walk around outside with my earphones in because she fears for my safety. My friend tells me that I should not wear black hair because I am prettier with blonde hair. That person in no longer my friend.

Do not take it personal when people try to dissuade you from doing things. Reflect on the intent and take it from there. If someone tells you don't smoke crack well yeah, I would dissuade you from doing that too. But if you want to shave off your eyebrows and look like Chewbacca, you be the best Chewbacca you can be. Most people live their lives in boxes so when someone steps out of that box, they get scared. Someone else's fear of stepping out of the box should not prohibit you from doing what your heart desires. This applies to not only wearing what you want but everything else you choose for yourself. As far as I know, you get one life. Too many people are miserable because they listened to someone else's commentary or their inner critic instead of their inner self. I think Chewbacca's missing eyebrows are fabulous.