Procrastination and Self-discipline

Friday, December 11, 2015, by Kashay Webb

Procrastination is a mind game. Generally, there is nothing physically preventing you from completing a task. The tasks looming over your head still have to get done sooner or later. Perhaps you have a paper due and you keep putting it off. Yet, you find yourself listening to music, scrolling down a social network for the 15th time or you just finished watching 3 episodes of your favorite show on Netflix. This is problematic.

The time you spent doing meaningless activities could have been spent completing an important task. "I've heard this a thousand times Kashay, it's not that I don't want to complete the task I just don't feel like it." Fair enough. This is what marks the difference between someone that is Self-disciplined and someone who is not. When you are Self-disciplined you are aware of your priorities and you complete those tasks whether you are in the mood or not. After all, who is ever in the mood to write a 10 page essay!

Self-discipline is the back bone for everything in your life. Some things may manifest for you accidentally but nothing of value will be attracted to you without self-discipline. Self-discipline is difficult because it does not follow a path of comfort. You have to step out of that comfort zone to make progress. It is much less stressful to begin a task and have the ability to break it up into simpler parts than to try to do the entire task at the last minute.

Don't let your comfortable bed keep you from your priorities. I promise you the stress you have from the consequences of procrastination will vanish once you work on becoming Self-disciplined. If you work hard now, you have more time to play later. Remember, procrastination is all in your head. Once you start moving and working on a task, you'll see just how ridiculous procrastination is.